Shop your Veritas accessories from home

Veritas also wanted to meet the needs of changing profile of the customers who buy a lot on the Internet. This is why SII Belgium helped Veritas to realize a multi-channel approach. Veritas had three main objectives in mind to achieve. First of all, SII Belgium was appointed to take care of a central digital product catalog (PIM) for the enrichment of the possible product information. This catalog is the nutrition for the E-shop systems, point of sale and possibly other channels. Secondly, the Veritas brand needed to be positioned by redesigning the former website with a new look. This will strengthen the Veritas brand positioning. And last but not least, Veritas asked SII Belgium to help them create an online e-shop to serve more customers and to achieve a bigger turnover.

For this purposes, SII Belgium has mainly used Magento as the e-commerce platform to integrate it with the logistics software (Bpost), the POS cashier systems and the ERP application (FPA). For that latter, Magento has been used in combination with Compario. Compario was also integrated with Digital Assets DB Platform. Veritas also wanted to launch out about their customer service that is linked to the e-shop. Therefore, the customer support platform (Oracle Rightnow) was implemented next to the e-shop and integrated with Magento. SII Belgium also implemented the Solr search in the e-shop platform. SII Belgium did not only build an e-shop for Veritas. Veritas also wanted to take the physical shopping experience to the next level.

Through SII Belgium, a Mobile Mirror was placed in two Veritas stores to improve the in store customer experience. The Mobile Mirror is a virtual mirror for an individual look. It offers customers a great shopping experience with the innovative 360° fitting, get social media channels at the POS and profit from the customers‘ network.

The Veritas project is one that has led to a lot of attention and we are proud to deliver such successful work. Veritas is now able to offer its clients a shop that never closes. Currently, the Veritas project is still ongoing in terms of maintenance, support and other implementations, which means that SII Belgium is still closely involved for future development and adaptations.

And many more...