We work with trusted partners and software vendors that are market leaders in their domain to assure a state of the art functioning of the tool. Take a look at our list of products & partners below.


Beezy is the intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, Beezy unifies the digital workplace and empowers users to communicate, share and collaborate better, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments

Cortana Intelligence

Cortana Intelligence is a Microsoft solution that helps you analyze your data and gain actionable insights about them. Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite is suitable for multiple purposes and contexts and can be used as a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite. Cortana Intelligence is flexible and can be scaled to your needs. This powerful solution transforms big data into intelligent action, helps you predict future actions and grow closer to your customers.


Dox42 is an innovative software product for document automation and data integration – flexible, powerful and intuitive. Dox42 enables you to generate complex documents automatically and integrate data, images, tables, dynamic charts, etc from various data sources, such as SharePoint, data bases, Dynamics 365, SAP etc. The Dox42 Server can be integrated into SharePoint, websites, applications, CRM or ERP systems and workflows seamlessly.


Drupal is the most widely used open source CMS in the world that is based on PHP. It is a proven leader in the continuously evolving market of web content management world according to Gartner Magic Quadrant.. Thanks to the Drupal community, there are numerous templates and modules available that will get you closer to designing the website of your dreams.


eSignLive™ is the electronic signature solution behind some of the world’s most trusted brands. Regulated industries and top analyst firms recognize eSignLive for its ability to balance the highest levels of security, compliance and auditability with ease-of-use to automate any process. Available in the cloud and on-premises, and with full white-labelling capabilities, eSignLive supports an organization’s digital transformation strategy across the enterprise.


SAP Hybris' omni-channel commerce solution helps you target and engage with your customers better, wherever they are. It integrates product content, commerce operations, and the extended channel to help retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses create a unified and seamless experience for their customers – from online, to in-store, to mobile and beyond.


Cette plateforme d’e-commerce open source PHP offre des fonctions puissantes et polyvalentes qui répondent à tous les besoins en la matière. Magento vous garantit une souplesse et un contrôle sans précédent en termes de style, de contenu et de fonction pour votre boutique en ligne.
Magento se décline en deux versions : Magento Enterprise et Community.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform offered on an IaaS basis (Infrastructure as a Service) and enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework and integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a modern, productivity platform that helps your employees to be productive and secure anywhere, any time, on any device. Empower teams with the most complete and familiar set of tools optimized for on-the-go productivity. With this cloud-based productivity. tools, you can enable a better connected workforce that can transform your organization’s culture into one that is more agile and better equipped to innovate, so you can outpace the competition.


Powell Software drives digital transformation by offering Powell 365, an integrated intranet solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity. Every Powell 365 digital workplace is brought to life by the WISYWIG designer Powell Manager. Design, deploy and manage your collaborative solution with the latest Microsoft features and Powell 365 innovations, in just a few clicks.


SharePoint 2013/2016 facilitates business collaboration in its broadest sense and helps colleagues, partners, and customers to work together in new and effective ways. It allows you to connect with employees across the company to engage with people and share ideas. You can create team sites per project, team or department and manage its access rights. SharePoint helps you organize information, people and projects.


Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management software, delivering highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty and drive revenue. Sitecore’s experience platform (WCMS) delivers one connected experience across both on and off-line channels, enabling marketers to own the experience of everyone that engages with their brand, and easily engage in seamless conversations with their audiences when and where they want.


Skybow develops products based on Microsoft© SharePoint™, that shorten the time-to-market of new Business Solutions up to 50% and development time up to 85%. In addition, these solutions simplify work for the user through better usability. Products are available through partners or online on Office 365. If your business is using SharePoint just for file sharing you’re missing out on a great deal of functionality. Solution Builders from all over the world can massively accelerate, standardize and simplify development of end-to-end Business Apps on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.


Sparkow is the rising market leader in merchandising, recommendation and personalization that boosts your e-commerce business by helping you build an efficient buying journey. Whether to enhance your existing e-commerce platform by offering new faceted browsing and search, merchandising, personalization, its powerful functionality for catalog management and social shopping features, or to build a comprehensive platform from scratch, Sparkow provides a flexible and powerful solution for optimising business performance.


Yammer, also known as the corporate social media, makes it easy to quickly bring your team together so they can have conversations, collaborate on files, and more. The Yammer collaboration software and business applications allow your employees to connect with the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects so they can go further.


A glimpse of the technologies we master.


The Microsoft .NET Framework is a component of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It is the foundation of the next generation of Windows-based applications. The .NET Framework improves Windows software development. It provides developers with a single approach to build both desktop applications-sometimes called smart client applications-and Web-based applications.

Front-end technologies

CSS is a plain text file format used for formatting content on web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used by web pages to help keep information in the proper display format. CSS files can help define font, size, color, spacing, border and location of HTML information on a web page, and can also be used to create a continuous look throughout multiple pages of a website.


Java is a programming language and computing platform on which many applications and websites are based. It is a general purpose programming language with a number of features that make the language well suited for use on the World Wide Web.


PHP is a programming language that can do all sorts of things: evaluate form data sent from a browser, build custom web content to serve the browser, talk to a database, and even send and receive cookies. It is designed for web development but can also be used as a general-purpose programming language.

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PIDPA wanted to turn its static intranet into a useful, dynamic and attractive technological platform for the future, in which the information can be efficiently managed and reached by the target audience

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Crelan’s internet has grown old and it was not very efficient. To store all the information more efficiently, Crelan has asked SII Belgium to develop a new intranet.

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