Consulting & outsourcing services

Aren’t you looking for a long term partner for a project but are you searching for an IT specialist that can temporarily reinforce your existing IT department/ project team? Or do you need someone with a specific expertise that is not easy to find? SII Belgium works in its outsourcing unit with IT specialists who have years of experience in their field and role. Curious about how SII Belgium can match the right IT expert to your needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Our internal #digitalists have the required experience in e-commerce, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, but we can also help you find the right IT consultant if you’re looking for someone with a specific expertise.

The consultants we work with are experienced in the following roles:

  • Strategy and Business analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Architectural and technical design
  • Information architecture
  • User interface definition and graphical design
  • Responsive and adaptive design
  • Front-end development & UX design (HTML, CSS…)
  • Software development (.NET, Java, PHP)
  • Software Platform Integration Specialist (Drupal, Hybris…)
  • Project management
  • Testing & support
  • Training


Why choose SII Belgium


Technology icon
We use the latest technologies

We live in a fast evolving digital world. What’s new today will be old news next week. We always stay at the forefront of technologies by following regular trainings and offering permanent learning programs to our #digitalists. This allows us to quickly embrace the latest versions of the technologies used when working on your project.

Teamwork icon
We have diverse teams

Our teams are diverse and the perfect combination of wise seniors and promising juniors with an excellent group dynamic. This allows us to benefit from each other’s creativity, expertise and point of view on different matters.

Inspiration icon
We inspire

We do not only follow trainings and use the latest technologies, but we also have a nose for upcoming trends and new tools. Our diverse teams exchange new, challenging ideas in cloud transformation, artificial intelligence and e-commerce and propose them. Together, we build proof of concepts of ideas we see fit and set the trend for the future development.

Connection icon
We connect business and IT

We speak your language. Business and IT don’t always understand each other. IT talks bits and bytes, business talks service and revenue. We are the missing link – aka translator – between those two departments, as our #digitalists manage to help you reach decisions that are understandable for all people involved thanks to our expertise from the past.

Scope icon
We help you achieve decisions

Scope definition is crucial for your project. It can cause a lot of discussion, especially when many stakeholders and product owners are involved. We analyse your specific needs and give advice on how to best handle the project and what other elements you should consider in the process. We help you come to a clear scope definition that will be validated by every stakeholder.

Relationship icon
We invest in a long term relationship

The era of “just implementing a solution” is over. We don’t leave you hanging there, but we take care of end-user trainings to get your employees going with the new tools and we also cover support and maintenance according to your needs. We go the extra mile for you and your project.