Ordering at Standaard Boekhandel without wasting time

With the changing profile of the customers who buy a lot on the Internet, the Standaard Boekhandel also wanted to make the step to a new e-commerce platform based on Hybris. SII Belgium was asked to take care of this.

We worked in close cooperation with the e-commerce team of Standaard Boekhandel. The online store was built on the powerful Hybris platform and should have the same offerings and services like the physical store in terms of payment (gift vouchers, credit card…), product range and loyalty card system. Other business processes were also integrated in the e-commerce businesses. SII Belgium was also asked to take care of the operational management, maintenance and evolution of the Standaard Boekhandel e-commerce platform by using Hybris, Drupal and Fredhopper for all the aspects of the e-commerce platform.

Since many people surf on several devices, the Standaard Boekhandel wanted to develop a mobile platform that also includes a responsive design. Banners should be able to rotate and since people are always connected to Facebook, the Standaard Boekhandel also wanted to integrate this social medium. The import and export module was also redesigned and we actively participated in the process. This meant that SII Belgium has introduced some pro-active proposals of e-commerce concepts and ideas to help the Standaard Boekhandel meet its needs. Our experts were also responsible for the search engine optimization (SEO), conversion improvement and A/B testing. Next to that, SII Belgium is the SPOC for the hosting provider. 

With our expertise and advice, we could deliver a solid webshop in all its aspects. SII Belgium is currently still working on the project to improve the webshop platform and integrate the latest technologies. The new version of the website went live in the end of 2014 with a renewed fresh and flat design.

And many more...