Know your clients: more personalization with the new website of Liberale Mutualiteit

The national liberal healthcare fund emphasizes its trust relationship with its members and seeks to be transparent in the information towards the target audiences. To make sure the healthcare fund is up to date with the newest technologies (e.g. mobile optimization,…), SII Belgium was asked to develop a new website.

First, a thorough analysis of the website has been made, according to the needs of the health care fund. The objective was to create an up to date design which is based on a new branding identity. Another aim was also the implementation of a CMS environment that would allow decentralized input and centrally managed publishing processes.

Secondly, the national liberal healthcare fund emphasized the need for a responsive design (with Bootstrap) and mobile optimization. The healthcare fund wants to convince its member to use the online office (open 24/7) for basic administration tasks more often to save time. Nowadays, people don’t always have the time to go to a physical office. Members are nowadays surfing on the Internet on various devices. By offering easier access to the website on several devices, more members can benefit from it.

When it comes to the development of the new website, it was important that the content publishing features were customized according to the region someone is in. Next to that, the development of customized web publishing and the integration of online healthcare search and CRM systems were also vital for the website.

In this first version, the focus was primarily on the gradual integration of the business information that was already available on the existing platforms the healthcare fund was using. The future releases of the website will be more concentrated on the functionality and new information. In this way, the members of the national liberal healthcare fund could benefit entirely from a new start and a new way of communicating with a strong focus on its efficiency and flexibility.

And many more...