Towards the new way of working with Kind & Gezin

Kind & Gezin had been working with SharePoint 2010 On Premise but it has decided to partially migrate its sites (with non-sensitive information) to the cloud. They chose to work with Office 365 because of the collaboration with third parties and for budgetary reasons. The extra functionality of BYOD was also very important for Kind & Gezin. Switching to the cloud is a step that many enterprises and agencies undertake since it is easier for the storage of the information.

In a first phase, SII Belgium set up a team site template to improve collaboration on projects. In this way, co-workers can work together more easily. The current team sites needed to be migrated to SharePoint Online, based on the site template that was set up earlier. One of the essential requirements for the template was to identify an alternative for the Meeting Workspaces. These had been fully used until then, but the latest SharePoint versions didn’t support it anymore. (On Premise & Online).

Meanwhile, a learning portal has been set up in wiki-style to help end-users make the transition to Office 365 more easily and efficiently. Valuable information can be found on that portal.  Next to that, SII Belgium is also analyzing how to configure DRM (Document Rights Management) following the needs of Kind & Gezin and how to grant access to external users.

In order to understand what Kind & Gezin was looking for and assist them with great confidence in the migration, SII Belgium needed to get to know them very well. And as a result, this partnership opens other doors in terms of defining the specific needs of the client.

And many more...