Fluxys engineers manage their construction sites from anywhere

The collaboration with Fluxys goes back to 2005. SII Belgium has realised many IT projects over the years. The most recent one is the PHAROS project, a pilot project based on Microsoft Office 365. Fluxys has several construction sites active at the same time, but the engineers are not exclusively responsible for one construction site. Because they manage different construction sites, Fluxys wanted to make it easier to share documents with colleagues about the construction projects.

After a detailed analysis, Fluxys’s needs for this pilot project became clear. First of all, sharing information about a project and collaboration between colleagues became a top priority.  By making all the information accessible on one central platform, employees can find the necessary information easier and faster. All engineering information needed to be accessible anywhere and at any time. SII Belgium proposed Fluxys to work with SharePoint Online (with Office 365) and custom applications on Windows Azure. The advantage of these applications on Azure is that information can be stored and organized according the construction site and project. SII Belgium proposed several templates for the different projects. Thanks to the metadata per construction site, it was easy to assign the properties of the documents per project. The engineers involved are often on the construction sites and not in the office at their desk, so the information they need cannot only be accessible at work. Fluxys also wants to reduce engineering errors and is determined that a clear organization could be beneficial to this. At last, all the information about the current project always need to be up to date. The most recent developments and adaptations of a project need to be clearly visible.

This realized pilot project proves that mobility is not decreasing efficiency in the work done. By organizing all kinds of information on one central platform with a constant synchronisation and updates, engineers manage the construction sites more effectively and accurately from anywhere they are at the moment of requesting the information.

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