Keeping track of all funding request with Cortana Intelligence and Azure Services

About the client

ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 36 countries across Europe. These operators act independently from the energy producers and are responsible for the bulk transmission of electricity on the networks. For Belgium for example, this is Elia.

Business Need

Electricity cables

Operators are executing projects to make predictions of the energy needs on short, half long and long term (5y, 10y, 15y, 20y). The EU finances these projects and the operators request those projects at ENTSO-E and send reports on a regular basis. ENTSO-E was looking for a system to evaluate, follow up and predict benefits from new European projects (TYNDP framework). In this way, they could decide which projects were worth financing. Initially, this process didn’t go well because the data was not centralized. Since all data was stored on different places, it was also much more difficult to follow up those request properly. The aggregation of the project data took a lot of time and there was no possibility to ask request real time information for the management. ​

What SII Belgium did

This project consisted of developing a project submission platform and centralized database that would be used by system operators (TSOs). The projects are funded by the European Commission and the purpose is to have a clear view of all the data prior to making the decision whether the project will be funded or not. SII Belgium designed and implemented a solution based on Microsoft Cortana Intelligence and Azure Services. Everything is managed and centralized in the cloud to keep all information up to date for all users. The data collection occurs on 3 levels: the project data is collected at the TSOs. Next to that, data is also calculated based on market modeling. The third category of data that is being collected is the results based on the cost-benefit analysis: how much the project will cost, the ROI and other indicators. SII Belgium has set up predictive dashboards based on PowerBI and ensured clear reporting. In the past, a report of +-600 pages was produced every two years. This has luckily changed thanks to the project submission platform. Other ideas are also being taken into account to make reporting even more interactive.

And many more...