Related Works

Curious about our previous work? Check out the clients and projects we already delivered with the biggest smile!

Power BI coaching & training for DKV

DKV Belgium was already exploring the wide range of possibilities of projects with Power BI. They needed a partner to give training and workshops.

Booking Cancellation Prediction

A group of European rail transport operators needed a solution to predict how much loading units are not going to show up at the terminal and what is the probability, so that the operators can maximize the loading capacity.

ENTSO-E Project Submission Platform With AI & Azure Services

ENTSO-E wanted to have a solution to evaluate and follow up all the projects that request funding at ENTSO-E. SII Belgium developed the project submission platform to keep track of everything.

Jobat Catalogs Jobs With Machine Learning

SII Belgium developed a classification tool for Jobat that gathers all incoming vacancies and automatically classifies them in the right job category. In this way, Jobat emloyees gain 80% more time by not having to manually move those vacancies into the right category.

A New Digital Request System For Fairtrade Belgium

Fairtrade Belgium wanted to have a transparent digital system that allows producers and Fairtrade Belgium employees to save time in the Fairtrade label request process.

Fidea Website

Fidea wanted to make its website more user friendly. With the help of SII Belgium, a new website has been developed and designed according to the different target groups.

Liberale Mutualiteit website

To know and serve their members in a more personal way, Liberale Mutualiteit asked SII Belgium to develop a new website.

Intranet PIDPA

PIDPA wanted to turn its static intranet into a useful, dynamic and attractive technological platform for the future, in which the information can be efficiently managed and reached by the target audience

Kind & Gezin migration Office 365

Kind & Gezin decided to make the step towards the new way of working by migrating to Office 365.

Fluxys Pharos

The Pharos project, a pilot project based on Microsoft Office 365, allows Fluxys engineers who work on site to manage their construction sites from anywhere.

Crelan intranet


Crelan’s internet has grown old and it was not very efficient. To store all the information more efficiently, Crelan has asked SII Belgium to develop a new intranet.

Standaard Boekhandel e-commerce

Standaard Boekhandel wanted to make the step to a new e-commerce platform and offer a great customer experience anytime and anywhere.

Vanden Borre E-commerce

SII Belgium supports Vanden Borre in different aspects of their e-commerce projects.