An adventure in a Renault 4L

Our intern Delphine Finders-Binje is a contestant of the 4L Trophy Raid and SII Belgium is a co-sponsor of her team! The Raid 4L Trophy is a soliday rally adventure for youngsters up to 28 years. Delphine and her team mate will travel from Biarritz to Marrakech in a Renault 4L.

Unlike most rallies, the competition is based on orientation, not speed. Of course, you need to get to the finish line and in order to get there, participants will discover the true meaning of helping each other: to avoid treacherous wadis and getting stuck in the sand; or to help other contestants who suffered mechanical problems.

The teams also carry school materials with them in their 4Ls to donate them and provide basic education to the children in the Moroccan desert. SII Belgium is proud to be a sponsor for such a rally and we'll follow Delphine and her team mate all along their jouney to Marrakech!