What is a BIWUG session?

BIWUG is the Belgian Information Worker User Group and its aim is to gather all the people that have an interest in Microsoft Information Worker products & technologies (such as SharePoint)  that influence the activities of the information worker. This community gathers regularly to share experiences, opinions and catch up with the latest development of those products & technologies. Every month, another Office 365 / SharePoint / Azure partner gets to host the event, covering different topics. SII Belgium is hosting a new BIWUG session for the second time!

The topics for 21/02

Transform classic sites into modern sites with the SharePoint PnP Modernization Framework

Modern sites have been around for quite some time now and Microsoft is steadily closing the gap in functionalities between classic and modern. All the new and exciting features are released for modern sites only. It is time to consider if we really want to continue using classic sites. But what are the options to transform our existing classic sites into modern sites? In this session we will discuss and demo the SharePoint PnP Modernization framework and see what solutions are provided for end-users, developers and IT Pro's.

Design patterns to build and deploy secure Azure Solutions, using Azure built-in capabilities

In this session, we will identify application & infrastructure design patterns that help building secure & robust solutions. We'll talk about typical client/server flows (mobile, browser apps, etc. talking to APIs) as well as the role played by Azure building blocks such as Application Gateway, Traffic Manager, API Gateway, etc. in the overall architecture. We will also slightly tackle how to monitor compliance and threats related to security.

Programme for 21/02

18:00 - 18:45 - Welcome (sandwiches & desserts included)
18:45 - 19:45 - Transform classic sites into modern sites with the SharePoint PnP Modernization Framework (Speaker: Freek De Boeck)
19:45 - 20:00 -  Coffee break
20:00 - 21:00 - Design patterns to build and deploy secure Azure Solutions, using Azure built-in capabilities (Speaker: Stéphane Eyskens)
21:00 - … - SharePint!

Microsoft Belux - Brussel Airport National 1K  - 1930 Zaventem

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